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Rae McDonald, author, teacher, and children’s librarian, presents the process of building a story from the moment of inspiration, through research, writing, editing, and publishing. Bumping your toe on a story idea is where the fun begins. Rae’s A FISHING SURPRISE began with a backwards bike ride, GRAN,GRAN, GRANNY was years in the making while getting to know a grand old Douglas fir tree, and WICKY… he is one rascal of a flicker bird with a big problem, a big heart, and a knack for problem solving with mysterious I spy clues.



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PRESENTATIONS: See below “Visits and Programs with Rae McDonald”. Let’s plan together to meet your needs.
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A FISHING SURPRISE IS available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite Independent Booksellers. PRE order GRAN, GRAN, GRANNY at Clear Fork Publishing. Email Rae for discount book sales. WICKY is due out in 2018.

Rae lives in Puyallup, Washington near the woods, water, and wetlands all of which inspire her creative juices every single day. Our natural world has surprises to write about around every corner. Rae is a skilled teacher and librarian. Schedule a visit and take a walk with Rae in her author’s shoes.


* Taking A Walk With A Book: For groups large or small, all ages and grades, 50 minutes. I’m flexible, and will work with you to plan. Stories, all of ours, come from daily experiences and observations. I share the genesis of my own stories and their transformation through the research, writing and editing processes. I will use projected visuals that can be tailored to a specific book or multiple titles. STEM and STEAM connections are included.

* Who - What - Where - When - Why Presentation or Workshop: For grade level groupings, or individual classroom groupings. 50 minutes. Observation and experience lead us to the moment of inspiration. A single image, an experience, or a profound overheard conversation may lead us to say… “That could be a book”! I project a variety of images and lead participants through the 5 W’s of building a story from a captured image. Included: What details are shown in the image, Who are the characters, What is the story problem or challenge, Why the challenge matters to Who, How will the characters meet the challenge, and Where is the setting and Why setting matters. I will model and encourage participants to create story elements using the 5 W’s. STEAM connections and drawing included.

* Bringing Stories To Life Through Reader’s Theater: For classroom or small size groups. 45 minutes. Using my own story in reader’s theatre form, young readers will take on the voice of a character and read to recreate the story aloud. Teachers follow up by having students write their own stories in play form to share as reader’s theatre in their own classroom. Model story may include my published work or a sneak peak at unpublished works.

* Community Groups – Events: I am available for library and community group visits. Please email me with your ideas, dates, and presentation focus. I would enjoy teaming up for a creative plan that suits your interests.

* Fees: I am flexible and will work with your specifics. For travel within a two-hour radius, my fee for a full day of four presentations is $450. Half day presentations are $250. If my drive is more than 30 minutes, a fee for mileage is added. If your location is over two hours away by car from my Puyallup, WA home, let’s discuss logistics.

CONTACT: raemcdonald@​


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EVENT NEEDS & DETAILS: Contact me for setup and equipment particulars.

BOOK SALES: Ordering ahead and advance sales are efficient.
Let’s make arrangements together.
Autographing: Yes, and let’s build in time during the event without lines.

NOTE: Rae has had a career as an exemplary elementary teaching librarian.

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