Rae McDonald

And my Bluebird of Happiness

Toss in the line. It's fishing time.

Worms a-wiggling
Lots of giggling
Holding tight
Bobbers in sight ...

Nothing biting?

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Gran, Gran, Granny - Illustration by Eric Groff

Introducing the real GRANNY of my inspirations.

A grand old gal, indeed.
Party today, far away ...

Sam finds a great deal to sing about as he echoes the family chatter on the way to visit a majestic forest friend in GRAN, GRAN, GRANNY. Lizzie tells this moment-in-time story as she, two brothers, and her parents hike up the well-worn trail to visit one grand old Douglas fir tree known as Granny. The forest is aflame with fall color, and the path is carpeted with fall leaf confetti on the day following a fierce and worrisome storm. A celebration cake swings along in mom's traveling basket as Lizzie, Nick, and Sam lead the way. Lace up you hiking boots, get set to catch a swirling leaf, and head up the path to celebrate a very grand old tree.
Illustrated by Eric Groff
Clear Fork Media, 2018

NEWS! Another picture book is on the way! Meet WICKY, an energetic flicker, who is ready to fly and ready to spy. Illustrated by Angela Powell.
Clear Fork Media, 2018


Picture Book: Written by Rae A. McDonald Illustrated by Kathleen Hadam Kemly
NorthWord, 2007 Available: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your favorite Indie bookstores.


Two little fishers (mostly wishers!) are about to give up when they get a big surprise! Told in down-home toe-tapping rhyme, this fishin' tale captures the magic of a hot summer day and inspires a "sunny-side-up" look at life.

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