Here I go ... leaping into a new art form. Really, this is a very old art form. I first draw an idea, next I cut it from heavy black paper with a tiny little scissor. I hope my silhouettes tell tiny little stories.

Have you met "Shoes"? Shoes is a Snowshoe Hare. He is eager to meet readers in a wet and wild story with the working title of Rain Forest Rumba. Dance away!

Art & Creativity ... the best kind of fun!

Cutting silhouettes and screenprinting are my newest loves...especially on a sunny day when I can be really messy!

"Swwweeet Reach"... and it was for me! Designing, cutting, and using a photo sensitive process to create a stencil. Next, I screenprint my own serigraphs. Being creative is the ultimate fun!

Screenprint in process. Messy and exciting! Sometimes this is even scary! What will the screen reveal? Oooooh!